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Successful Kosher audit January, 2024

MOL-LUB boasts more than 100 industrial and nearly 200 automotive approvals. We perform strict quality assurance activities, which guarantees the highest level of quality and validates the performance of our products.

This-year-audit has also confirmed the approval for our lubricants having Kosher certificate so far. MOL WO M medical white oil series complies with the most important specifications for white oil and exceeds the requirements about cleanliness in the American Food and Drug Administration. Our KOMAD 8418 VO and KOMAD 8426 grease thickeners meet not only Kosher but NSF HX1 and Halal specifications as well.

New Packaging, New Logo September, 2023

MOL-LUB Ltd. has decided to separate its additive business from its core lubricant business and to focus on the development of additive sales. To better represent the KOMAD additive line, we have developed the new KOMAD logo. We are also introducing the fresh design to electronic communications and product packaging. Our partners will see the redesigned logo on the industrial drums to better distinguish our product from our standard line. We hope that the new design will appeal to our existing and potential partners.

25th Lubricating Grease Conference, India March, 2023

The Indian Chapter of the NLGI hosted the Lubricating Grease Conference in Delhi from 3 to 5 March, in the year in which it celebrates its 25th Silver Jubilee. MOL Lubricants Ltd. Hungary was well represented at the conference, which covered a broad spectrum of different aspects related to lubricating greases, gear oils and additives.

The programme of events, which was attended by more than 400 participants, was opened by Mr Shri Hardeep S Puri, Honourable Minister of P&NG and Housing & Urban Affairs. We showcased our company with a professional presentation on the KOMAD 304 additive’s ability to improve the mechanical stability of aluminium complex greases. At our exhibition booth, hosted in cooperation with our local distributor partner, Moly Metal Plc., we were met with avid interest.

New Kosher certification March, 2021

In common with several of our medicinal white oils, our KOMAD 8426 has also received Kosher certification. This food-grade grease thickener additive is an ideal choice for manufacturing food-grade aluminum complex greases where synthetic oils are to be used. As well as meeting Kosher requirements, the product is also NSF HX1 approved.

This year’s audit also confirmed the approval of our other lubricants with a Kosher certificate. The MOL WO M medicinal white oil series complies with the most important specifications for white oil and exceeds the requirements on cleanliness stipulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Our KOMAD 8418 VO grease thickener meets not only Kosher but also NSF HX1 and Halal specifications.

22nd Lubricating Grease Conference, India February, 2020

Showcasing its KOMAD additives, MOL-LUB Ltd. recently participated in the NLGI - India Chapter’s 22nd Lubricating Grease Conference, held in Indore. We were represented at the event as part of a joint exhibition booth staged in cooperation with our local distribution partner, Moly Metal Plc. According to present trends, the Indian grease production market is seeking a better application alternative to Li and LiX greases — so interest in our AlX grease thickener family, KOMAD 84xx, was strong. There was also great interest in our formulation support services, as well as our global logistics solutions.

Innovative Portfolio Expansion, New Aluminium Complex Grease Thickener October, 2019

Newly developed KOMAD AlX thickener additives are readily available within the already successful KOMAD product family. The KOMAD 8426, based on the PAO base oil, allows fully environmentally friendly AlX grease production. The KOMAD 8430, based on low viscosity mineral base oil, is liquid at room temperature. The product enables a simplified grease manufacturing process as there is no need for preheating before the product use.   

Increased Additive Plant Production Capacity July, 2019

MOL LUB Ltd. successfully implemented the production enhancement program at its Almásfüzitő production site. After significant CAPEX investment the modern facility yearly output increased to 8 kt/year. There are further extension options available, depending on the market need. 

Aluminium Complex Grease Has Growth Potential in India February, 2019

MOL LUB Ltd. participated in the Indian ELGI conference with the paper: The Future of the Aluminium Complex Greases. In the Indian grease market, Lithium & LiX greases have absolute dominance. We believe that there is a great opportunity to promote the Aluminium Complex greases where they have the significant application benefits over the Li and LiX greases. We made our KOMAD 84XX AlX grease thickener family readily available in India through our local distributor partner.