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Contract Manufacturing Services

Production tailor-made for customer needs

MOL-LUB Ltd. has a long history and large production experience with a diverse portfolio of lubricants and certain additives. We have a proven track record of successful cooperation with several large European players.

With the manufacturing services we offer, we provide an end-to-end solution as a third- party-manufacturer for our partners:

  • on-demand raw material purchase, transfer and storage,
  • technology alignment,
  • fully guided manufacturing process including quality control services,
  • byproduct and waste management,
  • private label and packaging services,
  • organizing product transfer.

Following strict non-disclosure agreements in order to keep intellectual property safe, our flexible assets are available for contract manufacturing services up to their available capacity, typically for maleic acid anhydride-based chemistry and surfactant synthesis, but capabilities go beyond that.

Additionally, this service is not limited to additives only, toll production of lubricating oils (automotive and industrial), lubricating greases (Lithium-, Calcium- or Aluminum-based), metalworking fluids and autochemicals are also available on demand.

Contact us in case you are interested in a cost-effective outsourcing solution.